This is Hammerstein Lodge.

A perfect disconnect from the daily grind, to reconnect to yourself and your company, whether family, friends or even exciting new travel companions. We make sure to have the basics covered, good food, good sleep and a tranquil environment, so you can use all the time you want to just be yourself and relax.

view of landscape with giant boulders
Hammerstein Lodge restaurant

Hammerstein Lodge offers the opportunity to relax and recharge through its multi layered approach, garnered from decades in the hospitality business. Whether you are a avid camper, self-catering family, romantic couple, lone-wolf traveler or member of a group tour on adventure, we got the experience tailored for you.

exterior view of rooms at Hammerstein Lodge
overhead view of sand dunes and mountains

So drop the grindstone, pack your favorite adventure gear and head into the Namib, your adventure awaits.


outside view of rooms


game drive vehicle in tall grass